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Last Updated: 12 August 2020


LunaxStar is a rebrand from Aetheria, which originally came from Ambrosia. After creating a fanlisting collective and deciding to have icons and extra graphics listed in each fanlising, my collective of icons slowly grew larger. Large enough to begin my icon collective, Ambrosia.

Luna ~

Hi! My name is Luna and here is some fun information about me! I'm an Art major specializingn in Graphic Design! I also am currently a Dog Grooming Apprentice so I love animals! I have multiple dogs named Harley, Skye, and Frigga. I also have 3 snakes, two Ball Pythons named Scarlett and Erza, and a Columbian Rainbow Boa named Priscilla.

Some of my online hobbies include managing my fanlisting collection Fantique, creating graphics here, and gaming. I plan to start streaming on Twitch when I get a better understanding of my work schedule so if you would give me a follow on my twitch channel, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

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